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Chamas Dubai - A true meat lovers heaven

If you love meat, keep reading! This place was my favorite during our Dubai trip. Chamas restaurant is one of the many restaurants within the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in which we stayed in.

Chamas is a 'Rodizio' style Brazilian Restaurant where you can enjoy an All You Can Eat buffet and unlimited amounts of meat. While usually I'm not a fan of buffet style or all you can eat places I read the good reviews of Chamas and we booked a table for Samba night which takes place every Wednesday.

So basically you have the salad bar, where you can chose from fresh salads and starters. They give you a card with one green side and one red side. Green means 'keep the meat coming' and red means 'Give me a break, I'm full'. There are 18 different meat options which are served randomly on big skewers directly on your plate. Not only did I love the meat but also the entertainment part of it. All meats where great, especially the prime rib and the beef in garlic. Afterwards there is also a dessert menu. So all in all everything was yummy but the meat was definitely the highlight of the evening.

Since it was Samba night that night there was live music and also Samba dancers. I believe there is also live music on other nights.

The prices are fair for what you get. There are three basic packages. You should definitely make a reservation since it was packed when we were there.

AED 215 - Free flow of soft beverages

AED 314 - Free flow of selected house beverages

AED 525 - Free flow of Champagne


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