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Local guide to Berlin

It's been over a year now since we moved to Berlin and I feel comfortable enough to give you some 'local' tips for Berlin. First tip: Don't visit Berlin in Winter. Having experienced all seasons in Berlin I can tell the vibe of the city totally changes when the sun is out and if you want to enjoy the real Berlin with all it's joys you should stick to May-September. Trust me, Winter months are not pretty, especially because it's usually very grey and depressing.

Having said that, here some restaurants and cafes I have discovered after moving here.

Best breakfast spots in Berlin

I knew 19 grams as a coffee shop already but recently discovered they serve one of the most delicious breakfast in Berlin. They have two locations one in Mitte and one in Kreuzberg, but for a more local experience I recommend the Mitte location.

Haferkater - They are specialized in porridge and have a great selection of it. I usually grab one on the way to work. It's a perfect power start into the day.

Spindler - This place is perfect to enjoy a relaxed brunch. The interior design as well as the outside patio are goals.

Betty and Caty - This is my absolute favorite place. located in a quite street in Prenzlauer Berg you can enjoy a great breakfast here. I also love their salad options and cakes.

Best Lunch spots in Berlin

Here are some tasty lunch spots that are usually my favorites during the week

Beets & Roots - They have super yummy bowls. Best part you can create you custom bowl. Perfect fuel for a day of exploring Berlin

Chupenga - This is by far my favorite Mexican in Berlin. They have a very compact menu of Burritos, Tacos and Bowls. Portions are huge. Make sure also to try their home made chips and Chia Lime Juice

Little Green Rabbit - This is salad place offering a huge variety of salads as well as Kumpir (baked potato). Beware, this is a cash free place, which is very rare in Germany :)

Betty n Caty

Coffee and cake break

Germans love their cake. It's usual to meet for coffee and cake. I also enjoy a good piece of cake but have been searching a lot for places where the cake actually tastes like homemade. here's what I found :)

Frau Behrens Torten - Bergmannkiez is one of my favorite neighborhoods anyway, cause it's 100% local. This cute little cake shop serves cakes just like 'Oma' (German for grandma) would make them.

Du Bonheur - This is a true patisserie where all cakes look like a piece of art.

Böse Buben Bar - This place is so cozy you have to see it for yourselves. Cake options are limited but it's perfect for a afternoon coffee as well as drinks.

Third Wave Coffee shops in Berlin

Berlin is famous for it's hipster coffee shops and some of them are known worldwide like The Barn or Bonanza. Here are some more locally famous places.

Refinery - They cought my attention with their beautiful interior design and kept me coming for the delicious coffe and banana bread. They have 3 locations but Mitte is my favorite.

St. Oberholz - This place is super famous and a meeting point for all freelancers and digital nomads. You will mostly see people with their Macbooks enjoying the music and coffee. If you are up for just coffee you can also go to the smaller location in Zehdenicker Strasse.

Röststatte - This place is solely focused on coffee. They have 2 locations in Mitte.

Best Hamburger spots in Berlin

Momotaro - This place was one of the biggest surprises. It's located just under the TV Tower which is an odd location and an area I really would not recommend to anyone visiting Berlin. But we heard about the burgers here and tried the American Burgeri and Sweetpotato Fries which where to die for.

Tommi's Burger Joint - This is one of Berlins famous burger places and it never disappoints

Rebel Room - It's located in Wedding, which is an area you usually don't find in tourist guides. It's a small burger booth you should definitely try.

Best Pizza places in Berlin

Zola - This is by far the best pizza in Berlin. They serve Napoli style pizza

Standard - Another Napoli style pizza place with extreme local vibes

Zia Maria - Their location Pappelallee is super small but so cool. The back room where you can sit is decorated by a different artist every month.

Best dinner spots in Berlin

Chicago Williams BBQ - Best spare ribs I had in Berlin, make sure to book a table

Der goldene Hahn - This cute Italian place is sooo romantic and cozy. They serve home cooked Italian food.

Night Kitchen - This place is located in one of Berlin's any courtyards.


Schlot - Jazz Club

Ick koof mir Dave Lombardo wenn ick reich bin - This place is 100% local and super fun to have drinks

Local Neighborhoods

The most local and funs neighborhoods are Prenzlauer Berg/Winsviertel and Bergmannkiez.

19 grams



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